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Culturally Accurate
Language is more than just words.
Our interpreters have been culturally immersed in their working languages. They go beyond words and help you bridge cultural divides.
Professional Work
Only the best.
Work online with trained professionals who can handle the complexities of everything from humour to highly technical language.
Project Management
Relax while we organize your language service.
IAMAY can help you find and manage the best options for your online event. We can even translate documents and presentations.

We interpret several languages including:

You will always work with qualified professional interpreters for  the language and cultural liaison you need to get your message across. You can count on our personalized customer care as we help you find the best type of service for your needs.

Consecutive Interpreting


Ideal for webinars, one-on-one or small group settings (such as depositions, business meetings or presentations). 

Consecutive interpreting enhances communication between people who speak different languages by providing a translation of what is said after each person speaks. 

We are trained to work professionally in this type of environment and in taking notes to guarantee precision.

Click here to watch us interpreting at McGill University

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is when the interpreting is done as the speaker is talking.

Its key advantage is that it saves time. However, it is much more demanding on interpreters. It requires them to work in teams and with specialized equipment and virtual platforms.

Simultaneous interpreting is ideal for large conferences and meetings, especially if there is more than one language combination.

We are trained to work together and with the necessary technology in this kind of setting so that your audience doesn’t miss out on a single idea.

Conference Services

Organizing and promoting an online event can be daunting. And making it multilingual can add even more stress. Let us take care of your language service!

After carefully analyzing and planning your best options with you, we will take care of the interpreters and teams, equipment and programs as well as coordinating your whole language service.

We can even translate all meeting documents and presentations!

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