Connect with your audience and convey your message. No matter the language. No matter the format.

IAMAY is a digital and language service provider. We are here to get your project off the ground and into the world.

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Digital Services

Go global effortlesslywithout compromising content, thanks to our high-quality digital services.

We can help design your website, edit your videos, market your content, organize your online event, or even set up your own podcast!

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Language Services

Forge meaningful connections between people with different mother tongues.

Get language and cultural liaison by working with a qualified professional, so that your message can get across and leave a mark.

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Grow and connect to your audience worldwide with our full package offer.

From promoting your content to managing the technology and language services, you can count on our experience every step of the way. 

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Non-profit organizations. On a mission? We’d like to help. Contact us to learn more.

Your Vision, Our Mission


Language and technology shouldn’t stop you from turning your vision into a reality.

After years of training and experience, IAMAY was born to build bridges between professionals and their audience worldwideWe offer our own resources as well as connections to a network of professionals, so you can discover your full potential.


Be a part of a more conscious, connected world!

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Meet Our Founders

Photo of IAMAY founder Sofia Bergeron-Lescano

Sofia Bergeron-Lescano

With a Master’s in Conference Interpreting from York University, Sofia has experience and studies in Translation, Linguistics, Digital Marketing and Technology. She seeks to provide entrepreneurs with the tools to grow their business, beyond any physical or linguistic barriers. She is dedicated to building bridges by providing excellent multilingual and multicultural digital services.

Photo of IAMAY founder Miriam Lescano

Miriam Lescano

Originally an accountant with a Master’s in Business Administration, Miriam has been studying and practicing holistic techniques for over twenty years, including in Argentina, Canada, Chile, India and Thailand. Miriam works with businesses by offering holistic corporate wellness programs in the workplace for employee wellbeing. Her mission? To continue providing tools for personal growth online.